The Best 5 Sex Education YouTube Channels | ලිංගික අධ්‍යාපනය සඳහා ඇති හොඳම YouTube චැනල් 5ක්

Gossip9 Article : For teenagers, getting information about sex and sexuality can be a challenge. Conversations about sex can be awkward, but they’re an integral part to receiving a complete education. If you find yourself wondering about anything related to sex or sexuality, but don’t know who to ask, these YouTube channels can help you out.
Not all schools have great sex education programs, and there are a lot of common myths that teens hear repeated so much they assume it must be fact. These channels cut through the crap and present you with blunt, accurate information on topics like: sexuality, different kinds of sex, body image, contraception, relationships, shaming, consent, anatomy, etc. Source : Want To Know But Afraid to Ask? 5 Sex Education YouTube Channels

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